Renters Insurance

If you live in a condo, apartment, duplex or house that you do not own, renters insurance protects you and your possessions much like regular homeowners insurance protects the owner of a home. Based in New York, The Rubin Group will provide Renters insurance in almost all 50 States. Our coverage will protect your personal insurance in the event of a loss while you’re renting a dwelling.

Your landlord’s insurance policy covers the building, but not your personal property in the event of a fire, storm, flood or other loss. As a renter, you have to cover your own personal belongings, and renters insurance is the proper coverage to do that.

Rental Insurance Protection: How to Get It
Your first step is to speak with a qualified independent agent like The Rubin Group. Your agent can advise you on the type of policy that will cover your possessions in the rental apartment, home or condo, and go over the options you have in such things as limits and low cost deductibles. Once you sign that policy, your coverage begins as stated in the policy.

Don’t Risk Losing Everything. Sign Up Now.

The biggest mistake people make is putting off the decision to take out renters insurance. It is not uncommon to meet people who have lost everything because they did not take out the insurance prior to a major event such as a fire or bad storm. Don’t let that happen to you.

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