Flood Insurance

So many of us think we’ll never need flood insurance…until the water starts lapping at our front doors. That’s when you start wondering if your homeowners insurance will cover flood damages (typically it does not) and if you still have time to find a separate flood insurance policy.

Again, you may be too late.

At The Rubin Group, based out of New York serving nearly all 50 state, we provide our clients with Flood Insurance. We protect them against the damage that comes from floods, heavy rains, large snow melts, and even blocked storm drains that may back water over your lawn and into your home.

Choose from several different types of flood insurance.

Standard Plan

If your municipality is a participating member of the National Flood Insurance Program, you may qualify for a standard policy. It defines a flood as waters covering at least two acres and two different properties. Typically, your buildings and their contents are covered separately with the standard plan.

Preferred Plan

You may be able to qualify for a lower-priced preferred plan if your home or business lie in a low or moderate risk area. Why would you want a policy at all if you’re in a low or moderate risk area? Simple. Floods occur in those areas, too. This plan gives you added peace of mind—and coverage—should flooding extend to your property.

Don’t Wait for Rising Waters.

The time to set up your flood protection is well before any floods are on the way. Call or email us now—or fill out the handy form at the top of this page–and we’ll give you a free, no-obligations quote on flood insurance.

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