Coastal Property Insurance

A coastal home can be a retreat from the daily life in the city, or an amazing place to call home. Weither your coastal property is a home-away-from-home or the place you rest your head every night, be sure you correctly insure. Unlike traditional homeowners insurance, coastal property insurance reviews and covers unique risks that only occure with a home near the ocean. Based in New York, The Rubin Group can provides insurance to the East and West Coasts. We make sure you have the coverage that‘s just right for your home, whether you live in New York or just about anywhere.

Replacement Value Of Your Coastal Property

We can add extended replacement cost coverage to your policy to ensure that your home is rebuilt to the same standards used in the original construction. The quality of materials will be the same, and you house will look as close as possible to what it was before the loss.

Amount of Personal Property Coverage

If you elect to do so, we can add replacement value coverage that ensures full replacement of your personal property—with no deduction for depreciation that may have occurred. We recommend that your personal property coverage should include all risks. Additionally, we suggest you include expensive possessions such as jewelry, collectibles or art in a separate list.

Personal Liability

We’ll help you determine the preferred amount of personal liability coverage to include in your policy. This amount may vary according to the value of any assets you may own.

Special Coverages

Many homeowners have high risk assets such as fences, pools, outbuildings etc., that are covered only minimally by a standard homeowners policy. We’ll help you make sure your policy covers you adequately.

Let’s Review Your Coastal Property Insurance Policy.

Let us put together the best possible Coastal Property Insurance policy for you, at the most competitive price we can find. We work with some of the most respected carriers in the country, and once we have your information and the features you want to be included, we can start putting together the right plan for you. Call (877) 806-7239 or use the form to the right to contact us today.

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