Owning an aircraft in New York may say a lot about you. It may say you’re adventurous, a think-outside-the-box kind of person, someone who looks at life from 10,000 feet and in spite of the dangers isn’t afraid of the height. That’s what makes so many insurance carriers nervous about pilots. The risk is considerable…and insuring their aircraft can be expensive.

At The Rubin Group, based in New York, providing insurance in almost all 50 States, we understand the unique needs of aircraft owners. We speak their language. That’s why we developed a set of aircraft insurance plans that not only covers their specific needs in a potentially dangerous activity, but which are affordable, as well.

Our coverages are exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Liability Coverage with reasonable deductions
  • Coverage for repairs and maintenance
  • Protection for passengers and ground crews
  • Hanger liability coverage
  • Litigation coverage

Which of these coverages do you really need?

Let’s find out. We invite you to sit down with one of our trained agents to match just the right coverages and deductibles to your budget. For more information, call or email us, or fill out and return the attached form on this page. Contact us today.

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