Any business that invites thousands of consumers to visit its premises every day faces a huge and daunting number of risks. But that’s exactly what retail stores do. At the same time, all those consumers walking up and down your mall or shopping center, or into your store, are expecting you to provide a safe environment.

Exposures can include everything from problems related to the physical structure itself to such things as potential law suits from visitors who walk in and out of your store on a regular basis.

In addition are such exposures as fire, storm damage, vandalism, roof leaks, and a thousand others.

At The Rubin Group, we can cover your retail business against the unexpected. Our retail insurance services include the forward-looking plans you need:

Liability Protection for Commercial Businesses Equipment Maintenance Protection Risk Control Processes and Strategies

With So Much To Cover, Let’s Get Started…

Call or email us today, or fill out the form on this page, and we can help you put together a comprehensive yet affordable plan to give you all the coverage you need, from one of the nation’s most respected carriers. We look forward to hearing from you.

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