Law Firms

If you own or are a partner in a law firm, you’re no stranger to lawsuits. But increasingly over the past few years, the risk has increased that the defendant in a lawsuit in which you partake is not a client…but your own law firm.

How well protected is your practice against lawsuits, frivolous or otherwise? Will missed deadlines, inadvertent errors or other unforeseen events cause a disgruntled client to file a suit against you?

Your best protection may be an insurance plan tailored to the needs of your practice. At The Rubin Group, Inc., we work with a number of carriers who provide a variety of professional practice insurance plans, any one of which may well be perfect fit for your firm.

Let Us Tell you more.

Our experienced agents can help you select just the right policy. We recommend sitting down with us to go over your concerns, your risks and your opportunities, to come up with the best solution. Call or email us, or fill out the form on this page. We look forward to working with you.

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