Crane Insurance

The Rubin Group’s heavy construction department has been insuring and managing risk for the rigging, crane, scaffolding, and steel erection industry for two generations. From a single crane on a side walk, to steel truss or telescopic booms mounted on mobile platforms, our expertise and industry knowledge has helped locate and offer the most comprehensive crane insurance programs available on a national basis.

We offer only the best by partnering with several A+ rated carriers. In addition our expert in-house underwriting and service team understands rigging, steel erectors, and crane insurance and how it can protect your business from the bidding contract process.

Most insurance products are not designed with the crane, rigging, and steel erection industry risks in mind. We have found that the typical crane insurance policy does not offer proper coverage to provide coverage for the work and lifts you do daily. Even some “on the hook” crane insurance programs lack the necessary key coverages needed for your operation. These insurance programs confine your rigging, steel erector, and crane insurance coverage with difficult policy language and unclear exclusions that leaves you bare of coverage in the event of a claim. We continually help new and existing clients to correct and stay up to date with their current crane insurance coverage. A certificates may be fine and help in continuing your work, but at the detriment without the appropriate coverage for the work that your firm agreed to contractually to complete.

The Rubin Group has a construction division that knows the contractual review should always be a routine part of your rigging, steel erector, and crane insurance experience. More often than not contractors are agreeing to sign contracts that are harshly shifting the risk from the General Contractor (GC) to the crane company, rigger, or steel erector which can result in unjust litigation. Choosing insurance products & risk management practices allows you to make an well-versed decision and accurate bid on each and every job you encounter. The Rubin Group understands that Rigging and Crane contractors are unique contractors for many reasons. Many of these businesses are hoisting, hauling and moving valuable property of others, which will require additional insurance coverage for the property while it is being hoisted/lifted or hauled. Another significant distinction is that costly equipment, such as the cranes, are leased to others, often to a general contractor (GCs) or may be bank owned.

The most common forms of Rigging and Crane Contractors Insurance coverage are:

  • General Liability
  • Mobile Equipment
  • On-Hook and Riggers Liability
  • Property Insurance including loss of Income or Loss of Rents
  • Commercial Auto
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Excess or Umbrella Liability
  • General Liability, including hook liability and mobile equipment
  • Inland Marine
  • Umbrella/ Excess

Contact Us Today To Review Your Crane Insurance

The Rubin Group has a way to match risk management techniques and the proper coverage for the rigging, crane, scaffolding, and steel erection industry. Our valuable resource of knowledge allows your business in winning valuable jobs and protect your net worth. In order to apply for a free no obligation quote and access our application call us today at (877) 806-7239. Some items we’ll need to discuss are combined values for payroll, crane rentals with and without operators, values of the equipment, the average values of the property being hoisted, the highest value jobs for the last 2-5 years, and millwright receipts. All prior claims data need to be provided for a insurance carrier to help assess the risk and exposures.


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