Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with many New York, as well as nationwide, contracting firms in their quest for strong contractor or construction insurance. That experience has greatly enhanced our knowledge of the construction industry and its insurance needs.

Using our vast knowledge and experience, we can design a specific and unique insurance program tailored to your needs. Every contracting firm is different and we understand that. Our highly trained loss control analysts will meet with you determine the loss exposure and how best to reduce costs and lost productivity. We will then design the most competitive insurance program that fits our model.

Because we understand your unique insurance requirements, our services feature:

  • Same Day Service on certificate delivery
  • Contract review to ensure you’re covered for insurance requirements
  • Most competitive rates, terms and conditions.
  • Experienced construction-savvy staff at all levels throughout our agency
  • Small construction company…but want extra “clout?”

We can set you up with plans that offer coverage that only the large contracting firms could afford a few years ago. Let us know your special needs, and our knowledgeable, highly trained insurance professionals will help you get exactly what you want…at a price you can afford.

Call or email us today, or fill out the convenient form on this page.

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