Products/Complete Operations

Products liability coverage is often included with your company’s general liability policy, but in some cases where your product may be difficult to insure or where it presents a high hazard, you may need to purchase some coverage known as Products/Completed Operations Liability Insurance.

This is one of the many coverages we offer here at the Rubin Group.

Our policy will protect you against bodily injury or property damage claims (but not claims for faulty work) ocurring after the completion of a project, and resulting from the negligence of the work that your company completed. It also provides coverage for injuries that result from a potentially hazardous product such as a crib or a child’s toy, for example. Or, in another example, it provides completed operations coverage for a new set of stairs that may collapse while being constructed, injuring someone. This policy could cover you against any bodily injury or property damage claims, as noted above.

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If you have a product or service potentially exposing you to lawsuits for damages after the product or service is completed—and if you’re not covered by your general liability insurance—let’s talk about how to protect you in the future. Our New York based liability specialists will meet with you and assess both your current coverages and any risks that are not covered.

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