Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance covers property or materials as they are transported via various shipping methods across the country and the world. The term comes from the days when products were off-loaded directly from ships and then moved inland.

You may want this insurance if your business ships products out from your office or factory, or if you’re responsible for materials that are being shipped into your site. We cover products in transit, held over at an interim shipping point such as a distribution warehouse, at various other fixed locations, or a movable type of goods that move from one place to another.

Our New York based Brokers offer coverages also applicable should if you provide a service (such as cleaning or repairing) on property owned by others. We also offer policies to cover data being sent from one place to another, or in storage.

Products vary in what they cover, if you’re considering inland marine insurance, let us help you find just the right policy.

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