Flood/Earthquake/Wind Insurance

We have seen increase in the number of natural catastrophes over the past few years, making it more important than ever to cover your business against such unforeseen losses. Even more so now many insurers are capping coverages and placing limitations on claims. Without the right coverage, you may not be able to replace damaged facilities or equipment to its original state.

The right policy is critical. At The Rubin Group, we will sit down with you to review your current policy and examine how well or how inadequately you may be covered against expected events such as Flood, earthquakes or high winds. We cover companies in every state, including New York.

There will never be a better time to call.

We cannot predict the future, therefore we always recommend to our clients, do not delay in protecting your most valuable assets. Feel free to call or email us, or to fill out one of our forms, for more information.

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