Claims & Loss Control

At The Rubin Group, our New York brokers pride themselves in helping large businesses like yours keep their claims and losses to an absolute minimum. In fact, we’ve been serving businesses in nearly all 50 states since 1990, so you’re benefiting from a lot of experience when you work with us.

We’ve found it important to work with employees from top to bottom as we assess and analyze your needs. We look at the potential for loss, workplace injuries, premium control, and even the effects of employee morale and work efficiency.

Among the tools we use:

  • Individual Evaluations and Personnel Surveys
  • Topic-Specific Training Programs
  • Close Engagement with Your Human Relations Staff
  • Detailed Review of Insurance Claims
  • Process Control of Hazardous Materials Programs
  • Industrial Hygiene Programs
  • OSHA Compliance Reviews

Need more information?

Contact our New York office for a detailed, non-obligatory analysis of your claims and loss control programs.

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