Business Interruption Insurance

It’s probably the kind of event that keeps you up at night. A totally unexpected disaster or accident occurs, and suddenly your entire business is shut down. Your employees are on the street. Orders go unfulfilled. And your losses mount up day by day with no relief in sight.

That’s the scenario you face without a strong business interruption insurance policy in place.

The disaster may still happen, but the consequences are covered and your damage is a fraction of what your company would have suffered otherwise.

With this important coverage, provided by The Rubin Group, a New York based company your company will receive the revenues it would have earned had there been no loss. Your employees will be paid, your rent or mortgage payments will be made. Even the net profit, based on financial records, you would have earned will be covered…and reimbursed to you.

Do you need this insurance? Let’s find out.

Does it make sense to risk a loss that can put you out of business? Protect yourself and your employees. For a comprehensive review of how you can help to ensure your business survival of a natural or other loss, call or email us, or fill out the form on this page. There is absolutely no obligation. Contact us today.

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